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How to make Lazy Daisy stitch design steps by steps

The most essential embroidery supplies are thread, needle and patterns. These are the first requirement when you plan to start creating an antique and exquisite embroidered fabric. Embroidery threads are categorized into cotton threads and embroidery floss. Cotton threads can further be categorized into stranded cotton thread that are composed of six loosely twisted mercerized cotton threads and soft cotton threads that are mainly used for designing tapestry and bold hand embroidery. These days, many innovative threads like silk threads, satin threads and jute threads have also come into existence.

The next requisite of hand embroidery is needle. These needles are available in a wide range of sizes from 0 to 10. These embroidery needles are sharp and of medium length. Embroidery patterns are also available in various stores and on various online sources. Different fabrics can be adorned with varied creative patterns. The ancient patterns include stencils or transfer of patterns or designs onto fabrics. The modern days and innovative technology has brought various other ways to create hand embroidery patterns. Today, there are iron on transfer patterns, computer printed patterns, stencils or templates and transfers. Iron on transfer pattern includes patterns that can be ironed on fabrics. Even a tissue paper or transfer pen can be used to transfer a design onto the fabric.

Hand embroidery is not restricted to one simple stitch. It is categorized into several types including Assisi Embroidery, Bargello Embroidery, Blackwork Embroidery, Bunka Shishu, Canvas work, Counted-thread Embroidery, Crewel Embroidery, Cross-stitch, Drawn thread work, Hardanger embroidery, Stumpwork, Ribbon Embroidery and Whitework. All these types of hand embroidery have their won unique effect, feel and elegance. These can adorn any home furnishing fabrics, adding elegance to the interior.

Creating your embroidery fonts is also a part of the modern embroidery techniques. There are many creative ways to write various different alphabets in an array of fonts. These fonts are mainly used to highlight special events like weddings, birthdays and birth announcements. These alphabets are also used for highlighting personalized message.

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