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Hand Embroidery: Neckline Embroidery for Kurtis/Kameez

There are many styles of neck designs available in the market. Designer often experiments with the neck designs. These designer blouses are very fashionable and stylish. These neck designs are generally influenced by western culture. Beautiful necklines add grace to any simple outfit. Right kind of neckline is very important for any person. One should take care of few factors like body shape, face shape, one’s choice and confidence level before selecting a neck design.

Designer blouses are well fitted. If you are thin try to wear a well fitted blouse with short neck design. It will make you look less wide frame. V necks makes you look a little slimmer if you are big in size. If your upper body portion is heavier try to wear V-neck blouse. It always gives your upper body a slimmer effect. You can also match your V-neck blouse pattern with long sleeves which can tone the upper body more. For a plus size woman a wider neckline is always appealing. If your back is fleshy wear a backless blouse design.

You can also stringed back with a very thin or thick strap depending on your choice, taste and comfort. You can also go for some other blouse design that barely covers your back. It looks great and enhances your look. Backless blouse looks beautiful on those with little voluptuous back. Keep such blouse a little longer than the usual sari blouse length and cover your belly fat.

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